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MOAIL 2007: Workshop on Multimedia Ontologies and Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Law

Posted by idtuab on January 8, 2008

The Workshop on Multimedia Ontologies and AI Techniques (MOAIL 2007) was held as part of the Jurix 2007 conference in Leiden and organised by Xavier Binefa (ETSE-UAB), Marie-Francine Moens (KULeuven), José-Manuel López-Cobo (iSOCO) and Pompeu Casanovas (IDT-UAB).

Multimedia and law is an emerging and promising field. The increasing use of multimedia in courts, parliaments, ministries and other legal institutions expands the domain of semantic mining tools to legal audio and video repositories.This Workshop aimed at establishing the state of the art in this field. Cross-media knowledge representations and reasoning and navigation tools may be developed and implemented. Semantics may be used to extract, categorize, index, structure and present visual and audio material. Legal ontologies and multimedia ontologies may be aligned and merged. We face new problems like diarization, the link between images and legal knowledge or the connection between emotions and face recognition.

Papers on Legal Theory and Legal Ontologies

Vytautas Cyras and Friedrich Lachmayer. On Formal Notation of the Teleological Structure of Law [presentation]

Klarman Szymon, Bron Marc, Rinke Hoekstra and Joost Breuker. Representing Definitional Changes in Legal Ontologies [presentation]

Cassia Trojahn, Paulo Quaresma and Renata Vieira. Ontology Mapping for a Legal Question Answering System [presentation]

Papers on Multimedia, Ontologies and Digital Rights

Danièle Bourcier, Mélanie Dulong de Rosnay, Nadia Nadah, Patrice Tatsos. Modeling Transactions : What Interfaces for Exchanging Digital Contents over the Networks?

Víctor Rodríguez Doncel and Jaime Delgado. Multimedia Content Distribution Governed by Ontology-Represented Contracts [presentation]

Pompeu Casanovas, Emma Teodoro, Nuria Galera, Marta Poblet, Nuria Casellas and Jose-Manuel Lopez-Cobo. Conceptualizing Hearings in the Spanish Civil Courts: Knowledge Acquisition Methodology for Legal Multimedia Applications [presentation]

Ciro Gracia and Xavier Binefa. Diarization for the Annotation of Legal Videos [presentation]

Szymon et al. presentation MOAIL 07 Rodriguez et al. presentation MOAIL 07 Casanovas et al. (Emma Teodoro) presentation  MOAIL 07 Casanovas et al. (Ciro Gracia) presentation  MOAIL 07 Bourcier et al. presentation MOAIL 07 Audience at MOAIL 07

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